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Electric Scooter Rentals with GoRide GPS Tours in San Francisco

Get ready for a wild ride, San Francisco style! GoRide is here to turn your city tour into an electrifying adventure with our GPS-guided electric scooter rentals. With our scooters, you’ll be able to say goodbye to boring city tours and hello to a fun-filled excursion that you’ll never forget!



Two Wheels, Two Types of Fun!

We’ve got the perfect ride for you, no matter what kind of traveler you are. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a family of thrill-seekers, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our Fat Tire Scooter, perfect for solo riders, or the GoRide E-Trike Scooter that’s ideal for families or groups of friends. With room for up to two adults or one adult and one child (ages 5+), this scooter is perfect for a day of bonding with your loved ones.

GPS-Guided Tour and an Audio Adventure

Forget about getting lost or wasting time in traffic! Our GPS-guided tour will take you straight from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge and back with ease. Plus, our audio guide is packed with information about the history, culture, and secrets of the city. So, you can kick back and relax as you enjoy the sights and sounds of San Francisco.

GoRide electric scooter rental in san francisco

Cruise with Ease and Fun

Get ready to cruise the city in style! Our electric scooters are a fun and flexible way to get around, eliminating the hassles of parking and public transit. Imagine zipping along the waterfront with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. With a rental time of 1.5 hours, you’ll have plenty of time to see the city at your own pace.

Book Your Scooter Rental Adventure Today!

No matter if you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, a GoRide electric scooter tour is the perfect way to experience San Francisco like a local. Make memories that will last a lifetime and book your tour today! Let the good times roll!

Ages 18 and up. 

Reservations: 415-523-1300


Our 1 and 2-seat electric scooter rentals have GoRide GPS on board for a fully narrated sightseeing tour to the Golden Gate Bridge in style.


SAN FRANCISCO JEEP TOURS  – Sightseeing in San Francisco

Explore San Francisco in an open-top Jeep.
Private City Tours, Muir Giant Redwoods, and Night Tours.

Your tour starts in Fisherman’s Wharf at Umbrella Alley or we can pick you up at your SF hotel. Our private group tours are perfect for up to 6 guests per jeep plus your driver/tour guide.

Call: 415-766-2722


Private San Francisco Ultimate City Tour by Convertible Jeep

See the San Francisco sights you want to see, at a pace that suits your group. Your friends and family will love our open-air, convertible Jeeps. Choose from 2, 2.5, or 3-hour explorations. And yes, we stop at the Golden Gate Bridge!

Our private group tours are perfect for up to 6 guests per jeep.

Book here: Private San Francisco Ultimate City Tour by Convertible Jeep


San Francisco Sunset or City Lights Private Jeep Tour

Choose from among a 2, 2.5 or 3-hour tour in an open-top, convertible Jeep with your own personal tour guide. See San Francisco at night or book a sunset tour. Explore the city’s sparkling sights on a timetable that suits your travel itinerary



Book Here: San Francisco Sunset or City Lights Private Jeep Tour

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, we also offer a festive Holiday Lights and Sites Jeep Tour.

Muir Giant Redwoods and Sausalito Private Group Tour by Open Top Jeep


Explore the giant redwoods, the bayside town of Sausalito, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Tour to the National Park and back in an open-air Jeep with your own dedicated guide. Six guests maximum per Jeep—perfect for up to four adults and two children. Choose from 3, 3.5 or 4-hour tours.


Book Here: Muir Giant Redwoods and Sausalito Private Group Tour by Open Top Jeep






Who is the mysterious Karl the Fog? Often seen hanging out around The Golden Gate Bridge

Our famous fog was a lump of nameless water vapor until the account @KarlTheFog popped into existence in August 2010.   Since then 362,000 followers and 11,000 tweets have covered the bay area.  Follow Karl on twitter @KarlTheFog  


Karl the Fog: San Francisco’s Most Iconic Resident

Have you ever visited San Francisco and felt like you were walking through a cloud? Chances are, you’ve met Karl the Fog. Karl is the city’s most famous resident and has been a fixture of San Francisco for as long as anyone can remember. He’s known for his thick, gray blanket that covers the city, making it one of the most picturesque and moody places on earth.

Karl the Fog is more than just a weather phenomenon. He’s a local icon, a source of pride, and a symbol of San Francisco’s unique identity. He’s so beloved, in fact, that he even has his own social media accounts! On Twitter and Instagram, you can find Karl sharing his latest musings and photos of the city he calls home.

Despite his sometimes gloomy appearance, Karl is a mischievous character who loves to play pranks on the city’s residents. He’ll roll in unexpectedly, obscuring the Golden Gate Bridge just as the sun sets, or suddenly disappear, revealing a breathtaking view of the bay. He’s a master of illusion and can make even the most mundane of days feel magical.

But Karl isn’t just a prankster. He’s also a symbol of resilience. San Franciscans have learned to embrace him and the challenges he brings. They’ve learned to adapt to his whims and to find beauty in the midst of the mist. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you’ll soon find that Karl has a way of making you fall in love with the city, no matter what the weather is like.

So the next time you find yourself walking through San Francisco and find yourself enveloped in a thick cloud, don’t be afraid. Embrace it. It’s Karl the Fog, and he’s here to make your day a little more special. Just be sure to bring a jacket and an umbrella – you never know when he’ll come to play!

In conclusion, Karl the Fog is much more than just a weather phenomenon. He’s an integral part of San Francisco’s identity and a symbol of the city’s unique character. So next time you’re in town, take a moment to embrace Karl and let him show you why San Francisco is truly one of a kind.


Each letter in the Greetings from San Francisco postcard mural spells out the history, architecture, and tales of San Francisco.

The Immigrant Story Behind the Classic “Greetings From” Postcards  Long before Instagram, Americans showed off their travels using Curt Teich’s cheery linen postcards.

Linen-finished Greetings From postcards, named for their embossed linen-like texture, were tremendously popular in the United States during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. There is no exact count, but deltiologists—people who study postcards—estimate that publishers developed over 150,000 different images and printed millions of copies. Cards typically depicted American scenes, venues, and businesses. They sold for a penny or were given away by local entrepreneurs or at tourist destinations.

Article: @SmithsonianMag Read more


“S” – Fisherman’s Wharf and Crab Wheel Sign

More Fisherman’s Wharf Info 

Fishermans Wharf Crab Wheel Sign








“A” – Postcard Row “Painted Ladies”

More Alamo Square Park, Postcard Row and Painted Ladies Info 

Postcard Row "Painted Ladies" San Francisco








“N” – Palace of Fine Arts

More Palace of Fine Arts Info 

Palace of Fine Arts









“F” – Golden Gate Bridge

More Golden Gate Bridge Info

Golden Gate Bridge








“R” – Chinatown San Francisco

More Chinatown Info

Chinatown San Francisco








“A” – San Francisco City Hall

More City Hall and Civic Center Info

San Francisco City Hall








“N”- Alcatraz Island and Prison

More Alcatraz Island and Prison Info


Alcatraz Island and Prison








“C” – Lombard Street – The Crookedest Street

Lombard Street Info 

Lombard Street - The Crookedest Street








“I” – Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill

More Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill Information

Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill








“S” – San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, known locally as the Bay Bridge or as the Emperor Norton Bridge, is a complex of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay in California. As part of Interstate 80 and the direct road between San Francisco and Oakland, it carries about 260,000 vehicles a day on its two decks.

Oakland Bay Bridge








“C” – San Francisco Ferry Building

San Francisco Ferry Building and Embarcadro Info

San Francisco Ferry Building








“O” – San Francisco Cable Cars

More Cable Car Museum Information 

San Francisco Cable Cars








CA – California

“C” – California State Bird – The California Quail

The California quail (Lophortyx californica), also known as the valley quail, became the official state bird in 1931. A widely distributed and prized game bird, it is known for its hardiness and adaptability.


California State Bird - The California Quail








“A” – California State Flower – The Golden Poppy

Golden Poppy (Eschscholtzia californica) is also sometimes known as the Flame Flower, la amapola, and Copa de Oro (cup of gold). The Golden Poppy, belonging to the Papaveraceae family, grows wild throughout California, and became the state flower in 1903.

California State Flower - The Golden Poppy


The most fun you can have on 3 wheels.

A sustainable, vibrant, and unforgettable touring experience Lucky Tuk Tuk is a sustainable, vibrant, unforgettable touring experience based in San Francisco, Calif. The brightly painted eco-friendly electric vehicles can accommodate up to six passengers plus a driver.

Owners Brian & Bain Huber also operate the city’s popular Segway tours and other sightseeing ventures. Fully-guided city tours through 15 neighborhoods and Evening City Lights tours are offered daily. Tailormade private tuk Tuk charters can include custom routes and of course karaoke.

Call: 415-851-9190


Ultimate SF Lucky Tuk Tuk Private Group City Tour

lucky tuk tuk om lombard street SF curviest roadZip around beautiful San Francisco in cozy, electric Tuk Tuk! Explore more than 15 neighborhoods in this modern-day rickshaw with a fully narrated, guided tour

See more sights in an eco-friendly Tuk Tuk than you could ever see on foot. Climb San Francisco’s tallest hills in this small but mighty vehicle! Marvel at the sparkling San Francisco Bay and city skyline, and enjoy the sights and smells of Fisherman’s Wharf, green spaces in Golden Gate Park and murals in the Mission. Your experienced, entertaining tour guide narrates your 2.5-hour excursion, stopping often for “Instagram-worthy” photos!

Your tour starts in Fisherman’s Wharf at Umbrella Alley. Private group Tours are limited to five riders per Tuk Tuk (6 guests ok with a group that includes children and adults).



Lucky Tuk Tuk at Night – Private Group San Francisco Lights Tour

Lucky Tuk Tuk at Night - San Francisco Lights TourExplore San Francisco at night in a cozy, electric Tuk Tuk! Get up close to the glittering lights and go where buses don’t dare in this modern-day rickshaw. Live commentary included!

Nighttime San Francisco offers the most awesome views and you won’t miss a single one when you see them from an eco-friendly Tuk Tuk.

Enjoy the sparkling lights of San Francisco in this small but mighty electric vehicle! Load up your Instagram with shots of the bejeweled skyline and magnificent Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the bustle of Fisherman’s Wharf, take in the Bay Bridge light show from the Embarcadero, cruise through back alleys of Chinatown and savor the aromas of Italian dinners in North Beach. Your 2-hour excursion is narrated by entertaining tour guides who know their stuff!

Your tour starts at Umbrella Alley in  Fisherman’s Wharf. Tours are limited to five riders per Tuk Tuk (6 guests OK with a group that includes children and adults).

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, we also offer a festive Holiday Lights and Sites Tuk Tuk Tour.






Artist Maxfield Bala has been commissioned to paint a new mural in Fisherman’s Wharf at the headquarters of the Electric Tour Company and Lucky Tuk Tuk.



Maxfield Bala Creative is a multi faceted mural company proudly based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a creative force we have effectively translated our clients visions to render impressive murals towards public beautification projects, commercial campaigns and advertising. Founded in 2015 our unique and quality creative work has resulted in projects with some of the world’s largest brands and home grown start ups. We believe that a quality creative product derives from genuine artistic talent, creative story telling, and a strong work ethic. Our services offer businesses the unique ability to deliver a genuine experience their customers and clients desire. We thrive on making creative visions a reality

Maxfield Bala

Born in 1993, Maxfield Bala is a multi disciplined artist based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. Bala’s imaginative work stems from a childhood surrounded by artistic development and product design through his parents eclectic design careers. Over the years Maxfield Bala’s artistic disciplines vastly expanded to include illustration, graphic design, sculpture and large scale mural painting using multimedia applications. Each discipline building upon one another to help create a variety of artistic styles unique to the artist. Expanding on his abilities, Maxfield launched San Francisco art and design company Bala Creative in 2015 to serve a larger audience and international client base

Maxfield is the owner and creative director of Bala Creative. Every project throughout the site is headed, painted and designed in large part by Maxfield Bala with help from our select team of talented assistants and team members.


Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca (San Francisco, Bay Area)



Lagunitas Brewing Company in Las Vegas.

Greetings from our Favorite City San Francisco!

The “Greetings from San Francisco” postcard mural was created in July 2019 as part of the Umbrella Alley SF project.  We invite you to visit the mural located in Fisherman’s Wharf – a perfect backdrop for your San Francisco vacation photo.

The “Greetings From San Francisco Mural” is sponsored by:

SF Scooter Rentals – goRide Electric Scooters with GPS-guided tours on each scooter – Start in Fisherman’s Wharf 
Lucky Tuk Tuk – Private Group City Tours and Beer Crawls 
San Francisco Jeep Tours -City Tours day or evening and Muir Giant Redwoods & Sausalito excursions.


Drop in and visit the mural in Fisherman’s Wharf :

757 Beach Street San Francisco CA 94108

Located in the driveway near the Wells Fargo ATM.

This is a fun art project that is supported by admission fees: $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for ages 12-17, and FREE for children under age 12

  • Spring / Summer / Fall 10 am to 6 pm daily. Occasionally open earlier and until sunset.
  • Winter 10 am to Sunset daily

The facility is gated and closed after hours.

Tag your photos with  #umbrellaalleysf


Check out updates and new pics on our social media channels:

Twitter: #GreetingsSF

Instagram : #greetingsfromsanfran



About the Mural Artist Maxfield Bala

Artist Maxfield Bala has been commissioned to paint a new mural in Fisherman’s Wharf at the headquarters of the Electric Tour Company and Lucky Tuk Tuk.

Read all about Maxfield and his many art and mural projects.